Walk all Over Me

leelee-sobieski-and-tricia-helfer-in-walk-all-over-me-images9With an exclusive interview with director Robert Cuffley coming very soon to Films and Things I decided to review his 2007 crime thriller Walk all Over Me.

Walk all Over Me follows a small town girl called Alberta, who runs into lots of trouble when she decides to take on her room mate’s identity as a dominatrix to help pay the bills.

Walk all Over Me is one of those little known films that turns out to be a gem. It’s funny, bizarre and thrilling all at the same time. It was awarded Best Feature Film at the AMPIA Awards and Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama at the Leo Awards, both in 2008.

Despite being a low budget independent film, it’s very well filmed and the locations and costumes are great. It captures the small WalkAllOverMetown feeling with minimal locations and it all feels very close-knit which compliments the story line. The performances are  very good, particularly those of the bumbling brothers Aaron and Isaac played by Michael Eklund and Michael Adamthwaite who add genius sparks of humour throughout the film.

Although the story isn’t particularly original it is, in many ways, very different. We’re handed two very strong, dominating female protagonists who are both sexy and intelligent, which is unusual in a lot of films of this genre where the women are purely there as eye candy. I think this is an action thriller that may appeal more to female audiences.

I couldn’t find anything to dislike about the film. The storyline isn’t too difficult to follow but it’s clever enough that it keeps you guessing somewhat throughout. The performances are great and the cast all compliment each other very well. It’s not even obvious that it’s a low budget film, and the locations and cinematography come walkallovermemoviestilltogether to make it visually pleasing and ultimately very entertaining.

Well worth a watch.

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