Robert Cuffley clearly has a knack for fast paced thrillers, with Ferocious delivering a taut and tense atmosphere and top notch performances from a small but talented cast. Leigh Parrish (Amanda Crew), a small-town girl who’s made it as an actress has to take drastic measures to protect her reputation when her less-than-clean past threatens to resurface and ruin her good girl image. Ferocious is a relatively small independent … Continue reading Ferocious

Walk all Over Me

With an exclusive interview with director Robert Cuffley coming very soon to Films and Things I decided to review his 2007 crime thriller Walk all Over Me. Walk all Over Me follows a small town girl called Alberta, who runs into lots of trouble when she decides to take on her room mate’s identity as a dominatrix to help pay the bills. Walk all Over Me is one of those little known films that … Continue reading Walk all Over Me