Submit a Film

If you are an independent filmmaker and would like to submit your film for review, please fill in the contact form below and get in touch.

Please note: I have a full time job 5 days a week, I also have to do all the other things that normal people do like make meals and run a household. Sometimes I don’t reply immediately to these emails and sometimes I don’t get around to reviewing your films immediately because I’m too busy; please don’t pester me! Receiving more than one email because you’re impatient for me to review your film is annoying and I will probably deliberately ignore you. Also, I don’t pay to review people’s films so don’t direct me to a link on Amazon or iTunes that requires payment to rent the film, send me a link to your film that I can watch for free or no review.

I love to promote and review independent film and will always do my best to watch and review any film sent to me in a timely manner, however please be aware that this blog unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills and is a labour of love so I may not get around to it immediately.

All reviews will be 100% honest.

I believe in promoting and supporting indie filmmaking and will endeavour to write something that can be used as promotional material. I will also share my review and any links to your film on social media.



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