Net TV – Do You Believe?

580131_135399726641863_812358321_nOur show is titled Net TV – Do You Believe? and is going to be a show about UFO’s, debating their existence and showing supporting evidence.

Because our group is very big (24 of us) we decided that the producer, director, the two script writers and the presenters should form a small group to decide what the show will be about, as otherwise there would be too many voices and it would be more difficult to form a conclusive idea.

The items of the show have been outlined roughly and we will be including:

2 Internet VT’s – Sighting of UFO’s
• Jerusalem Sightings (Could be real) – For the self-made VT’s show them the sightings
• Other Sightings (Fake)

2 Self-made VT’s –
• Interviewing people in the street (A presenter – Rey).
• Interview with a person who witnessed a UFO landing in his/her property. (A presenter – Rey).

Interviewee – Expert on UFO’s/Seen a UFO and presenter from interviewing in streets.

Performance – Music or Dance or Experiment

Evidence of audience participation – Tweeting, Texting etc. – Debate/Vote

For the audience participation aspect we already have a Facebook page set up, which can be viewed here:

Facebook Page

We decided it would be best to avoid the ideas that included people dressing up as fantasy film characters because we will be working on a low budget and to get decent costumes that won’t look tacky it will cost a lot. We also want to avoid it looking too studenty, and we felt that having something more serious and professional would help. We discussed all our ideas in Tuesdays workshop and made lists of all of our ideas so that the smaller group could come up with something.

I think this idea is pretty good, and it could work. There’s room for some really interesting items and the set design could be fun!

4 thoughts on “Net TV – Do You Believe?

  1. I always wanted to try a project like this. Sounds like no matter how it works out, you’ll have a lot of fun and learn a great deal. And you never know. Something might just come of it that surprises everyone in a good way.


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