Painless (originally called Insensibles) is a fantasy horror film set in Catalonia which tells two stories that interlink. One is set during the Spanish civil war as an asylum rehabilitates a group of children with an ‘illness’ that means they are unable to feel pain. The second is set in the present day as a neurosurgeon who survives a car accident discovers by fluke that … Continue reading Painless

In Fear

New couple Tom and Lucy head to a secluded hotel for a romantic getaway before meeting their friends at a music festival. When they get lost following signs that appear to send them on a wild goose chase it becomes apparent that there is more to it than dodgy road signs. ‘The best British chiller since The Descent’ is a very tall statement, emblazoned on … Continue reading In Fear

13 Sins

A gripping and unique new horror thriller that lacks menace but is sure to keep you entertained. 13 Sins follows a popular horror theme that throws its everyman protagonist into a web of twisted and horrific scenarios. Down on his luck salesman Elliot (Mark Webber) receives a phone call from a strange man who promises a large sum of money if he successfully completes thirteen tasks. With a baby on … Continue reading 13 Sins


Hailed as one of the best films of 2013, Gravity is a visual feast not to be missed in stunning 3D. No, literally, don’t miss it in 3D…there’s no point watching Gravity anywhere but the big screen with a pair of 3D specs on your nose. Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a highly respected medical engineer, is sent on her first shuttle mission alongside veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George … Continue reading Gravity

Dead Man’s Shoes

Dead Man’s Shoes is a shining example of low budget British film at its absolute best and Shane Meadows has become something of an icon with his gritty homegrown drama. Disaffected soldier Richard (Paddy Considine) returns to his hometown to exact sadistic revenge on the thugs responsible for brutalising his mentally-challenged younger brother Anthony (Toby Kebbell) years previously. What ensues is clever, dark and completely brutal … Continue reading Dead Man’s Shoes


Robert Cuffley clearly has a knack for fast paced thrillers, with Ferocious delivering a taut and tense atmosphere and top notch performances from a small but talented cast. Leigh Parrish (Amanda Crew), a small-town girl who’s made it as an actress has to take drastic measures to protect her reputation when her less-than-clean past threatens to resurface and ruin her good girl image. Ferocious is a relatively small independent … Continue reading Ferocious

You’re Next

If Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett took over the horror industry forever it would be no bad thing. You’re Next is one of the most unique and exciting horror films in years and is proof that independent films are the way to go if we want to keep horror fresh and interesting. When the Davison family reunites at their remote vacation home after years of not seeing each other, everything seems … Continue reading You’re Next