Dirty Books: Indie Short

When his beloved high school newspaper is threatened to be transformed into an online blog to save money, David sets out to find the best stories around the school in a bid to keep the newspaper alive.

Dirty Books is a story about a passionate kid who wants to continue writing and producing his high school newspaper despite the principal’s attempt to save on print cost by turning it into a blog. It’s a funny, uplifting short film that sees goofy-looking David try out a host of silly pranks in order to create newsworthy stories and keep his newspaper interesting.

Dirty Books isn’t a particularly ambitious film, it’s simple and to the point, the set is unimpressive and the camerawork is only slightly better than amateur but ultimately that’s what kind of gives it its charm. David, played by a kid called Noah Bailey, is a decent protagonist. David as a character isn’t particularly likeable but Noah plays the part well, even if his spiky front tooth is slightly distracting!  All in all it’s a quirky, funny short that presents a pretty good, albeit simple, story that has great potential.


A Films and Things rating of 3.5 stars!

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