The Green Inferno

I’m not sure how much of a compliment this is, but Eli Roth can sure do gore!

Much like many slasher films, The Green Inferno follows a group of young people who clearly don’t expect things to go horribly wrong; but of course they do. A group of student activists travel to the Amazon, in some wistful attempt to save the trees or some shit, when they happen upon a tribe of painted folk who at first seem far too friendly. Fondling the unwitting group of youngsters it turns out the tribe are just excited for their next feast and when they start ripping the group up and cooking them it becomes apparent that they are well and truly in the shit.

The Green Inferno sort of crept out in 2013 and went fairly unnoticed in the mainstream and I must admit the DVD cover did not appeal to me, and so despite it being clearly labelled ‘horror’ I decided not to bother with it for a long time. The DVD cover of some weird painted yellow and black bloke with a bone through his nose just didn’t appeal to me, but nevertheless I finally ended up watching it and I am so glad that I did!

Much like a lot of Eli Roth’s work The Green Inferno does not scrimp on the gore! It’s a little slow getting started but as soon as things start to kick off it’s a fast paced rollercoaster of blood and body parts.

Cannibals have been a staple of the horror genre for a long time and The Green Inferno draws a lot of inspiration from the classic cannibal horrors of the 80s like Cannibal Holocaust. It’s got a classic and authentic feel to it despite being pretty new and although it’s fairly unoriginal in terms of plot it’s still an exciting and gut-churning adventure that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and the tribe is pretty terrifying!

3 thoughts on “The Green Inferno

  1. Gore is not my main attraction to horror films, so I had skipped over this many times. I’m sure the sheer terror in the characters is something to see so I’ll definitely watch it in the future but its not on my short list 🙂

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    1. Oh see I love a bit of gore xD it’s definitely worth a watch, it’s quite a slow burner and while the gore is intense it’s few and far between with plenty of other stuff going on. Look forward to your review if you do decide to watch it 🙂

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