Review Round-Up: The Jungle Book, Captain America Civil War and How to be Single

Sometimes life gets busy and it’s difficult to keep on top of this blog, so once again I find myself writing a review round-up of some of the most recent films I’ve seen. Slightly late to the party with these really but, there we go!

The Jungle Book


The Jungle Book received mixed reviews from lots of people. The angry anti-remake brigade were against a new version of the Disney classic while others were optimistic about the very new take on it. As someone who was never overly fussed about the original Disney film (I know, shock horror!) it didn’t really bother me either way but the trailer was enough to convince me to take a trip to the cinema.

Despite some slightly unconvincing moments, newcomer Neel Sethi delivers an impressive performance as Mowgli. What is perhaps the most impressive part of it is how difficult it must have been to basically be acting alone; he was the only actual human in the film and spent the entire time filming alongside animal models in a studio, that takes some acting! For a young kid with little acting experience he does an impressive job in this film. The voices for the animals were all very well cast and the songs were a nice touch, with the exception of Christopher Walken’s rendition of ‘I wanna be like you’ which was, frankly, uncomfortable to listen to!

There’s very little I can fault the film on, the CGI was astounding and everything about it was fantastically entertaining. King Louie was far too creepy and way too big and Christopher Walken’s singing was cringeworthy at best but apart from that little blip the whole thing is very impressive and enjoyable; a great reimagining of a classic.

Captain America: Civil War

download (1)

The Avengers return in the latest Captain America instalment, which is pretty much another Avengers film rather than another Captain America. Civil War links lots of Marvel films together very nicely, bringing in a young Spiderman and roping in AntMan to hilarious results. With lots of comedy moments, Civil War is an entertaining watch but there isn’t really a great deal to be said about it. Once you’ve seen one Marvel superhero film you’ve seen them all and as enjoyable and entertaining as they are, they are all very same-ish.

One thing this franchise is doing well though is bringing in new stories and characters and creating this whole fantasy world. The timeline is getting bigger and more detailed as more of these films come out and although the films are all very similar they’ve struck a great balance that keeps them interesting even though half the time it feels like you’ve seen it all before. There’s talk of Deadpool joining the Avengers soon, so that’s something to look forward to!

Civil War throws our favourite superheroes into turmoil and causes friction between the characters who all have different ideas about what it means to be a member of the Avengers. Should they continue on their path of vigilante justice and chaos or should they reign it in and stop interfering? Team Cap or Team Stark? Who’s side are you on?

How to be Single


Rebel Wilson’s film roles are getting slowly bigger and How to be Single sees her playing an (almost) main character. Admittedly she plays the same kind of role in absolutely everything (type-cast much?!) but at least the hilarious Ausie is getting more screen time.

How to be Single is a mediocre rom-com that’ll make you feel good about yourself and has plenty of laughs. The hour and fifty minutes does seem to feel like a very long time, probably because the story is very flat with very little actually happening; girl comes out of long term relationship and allows her friend to teach her what it means to be single. There really isn’t much more to it than that and while that’s perfectly adequate for a harmless bit of comedy entertainment, the film does seem to drag!



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