Gogglebox Season 6 Has a Release Date

Gogglebox, a reality show where viewers watch other viewers watching TV, has been renewed for a sixth season and its release date has been set.


Fans of the show can catch up with their favourite Goggleboxers on Friday the 11th of September. While no time has been officially released we can probably assume it’ll air at 9pm on Channel 4.

People seem to either love or hate Gogglebox. It’s a reality TV show with a slight difference and while it’s almost a parody of itself, it is highly entertaining. Whether the creators of the show are knowingly trying to make a point or whether they’re simply making what they think is good reality TV is unclear, but if they are aware and trying to make a point about society, they’re doing it well!


The Goggleboxers themselves have become minor celebrities, with awards being won all over the place. Most notably ‘the posh couple’ Steph and Dom and best friends Sandy and Sandra have shot to fame since the series began.

Gogglebox for some is the epitome of Friday night TV. Those of us who can’t be bothered with The X Factor and the like can instead tune in to a reality TV show that encompasses all the trash on TV throughout the week and catch up with the world without having to sit through hours of terrible singers and cutting remarks from Cowell.


Gogglebox fans brace yourselves for another series with no doubt more new faces and plenty of laughs. Snuggle up on the sofa and tune in on the 11th!

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