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Gogglebox Season 6 Has a Release Date

Gogglebox, a reality show where viewers watch other viewers watching TV, has been renewed for a sixth season and its release date has been set. Fans of the show can catch up with their favourite Goggleboxers on Friday the 11th of September. While no time has been officially released we can probably assume it’ll air at 9pm on Channel 4. People seem to either love … Continue reading Gogglebox Season 6 Has a Release Date

Hyperreality in the Media


Postmodernism is one of my favourite media theories and I’m fascinated by postmodern films and media, and find them altogether more enjoyable to watch. I love feeling like a part of the text, and being treated as an intelligent, media knowledgable individual. Scream, The Truman Show and Family Guy are a few of my favourite (and more well known) postmodern texts.

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