Watching Alien for the First Time


Damn, they don’t make them like this anymore!

After years of being a horror fanatic I’d put off watching Alien because of how dated it looked. Never much of a sci-fi fan it just didn’t have any appeal. But after finding a boxset containing all the Alien and Predator films it seemed as good a time as any to get watching.

One thing is obvious when watching the first two Alien films; so many contemporary horror films still draw from it for inspiration. Even though it does look dated, as can be expected from a film from the 80s, Alien and Aliens both look better than a lot of what gets churned out these days. Detailed costumes and sets and actual attention to creating a realistic and terrifying monster.


Alien has everything that a horror film needs: bags of tension, a great soundtrack, fantastic make up and special effects and a kick ass female lead. It is leagues above many other horror films and its so easy to see why it’s hailed by so many as a classic.

Everything looks like a penis.

Then Alien 3 happened. I’m not sure I even want to talk about it…I’d rather just forget I saw it and pretend it never happened! The CGI effects in the third film that take over from the previous use of costumes and make up (and no doubt a load of other technical bits and bobs) are absolutely shocking and the alien just loses all its credibility and its ability to scare.


Ignoring the atrocity that is the third installment though, I’m honestly wondering why I didn’t watch Alien sooner but thankfully I finally have. To say that it’s mind-blowing wouldn’t be an overstatement. The first film had me cracking up, mainly because everything looks like a penis, but that doesn’t detract from the awesomeness one bit.

When finally watching an old classic like this for the first time it’s interesting and also quite good fun to see how many references you now understand. Alien paved the way for a lot of contemporary horror films and its easy to see where and how many of them have drawn inspiration. Alien really is a masterpiece!


On with the rest of the Alien / Predator franchise, tonight’s film will of course be Alien 4 and I’m hoping that it reverts back to old ways and doesn’t continue in the same shit vein as the third! I’m especially excited to see Ron Perlman in the film having met him a few days ago, so here’s hoping Alien 4 doesn’t disappoint. Please…no spoilers!

12 thoughts on “Watching Alien for the First Time

  1. An other worldly creature that has acid for blood and a bizarre 3 stage procreation process is definitely sci-fi. The thing is, Alien is Sci-fi/horror and Aliens is sci-fi/action. Both cross the line of their genres and that’s what makes them good 🙂

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  2. I actually just wrote a piece on the Alien franchise myself! And I just re-watched Alien Resurrection, and it won’t meet your expectations. In fact, I probably enjoyed Alien3 more, but it should be noted that the art direction and cinematography of Resurrection is pretty great…and that water scene…definitely one of the more terrifying scenes!

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    1. Awesome, I’ll have to have a look! 🙂 yeah resurrection wasn’t great :/ that bit where the weird ‘baby’ one got sucked out the window cracked me up haha I preferred resurrection to alien 3 mainly because of Ron Perlman, otherwise it was a bit of a disappointment. On to predator next, then AVP!

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  3. “Everything looks like a penis!” Okay……..but what……, I won’t go there!
    The first Alien film has been described as a haunted house movie…… space! And what a house it is! Sensational film and cast. I first saw it at the flicks and surprise, surprise, all the male leads get knocked off one by one and a female left………..amazing! Ripley certainly put women up where they should be in film! So many good scenes! Ridley (or is it Ripley) Scott should have won an Oscar for this outstanding film!
    The finding of the space jockey………..the set design is magnificent here!
    The chest bursting………one of the great shocks in cinema!
    Every killing of the crew………nerve shattering!
    The Ash discovery…………brilliant twist!
    The countdown at the end……… suspenseful!
    Whew……’s all over…….so Ripley strips down…….and then!
    OMG……..what a movie……..and you can still watch it now and sit on the edge of your seat!
    10/10……….and Aliens………don’t start me on that classic, but we were just a little bit READY for them this time……..I mean you kinda knew what to expect…….well, kinda!

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