Rocky Horror Show at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

29791_fullThis week the Rocky Horror Show has been in Birmingham as part of its 2016 tour. The cult classic doesn’t really need a review; most people know it, and most people love it. But I’m going to review it anyway!

The great thing about Rocky Horror is that it isn’t just a show. Even on the outskirts of Birmingham people from all over the place were catching the train dressed up as their favourite characters on their way to the theatre. It has a imagegen (1)huge cult following and it goes without saying that lots of people take their passion for Rocky Horror very seriously; it was fishnet tights galore and the atmosphere is unlike any other theatre performance.

This tour boasts some serious talent, with Diana Vickers doing a very good job as Janet. The standout performance has to be Kristian Lavercombe as Riff-Raff, who did a fantastic job of portraying writer/director 29790_fullRichard O’Brien’s creepy character. He did an admirable job and really channelled Richard O’Brien’s mannerisms and even his voice to portray the iconic role brilliantly. The entire cast was incredibly well selected and all did their roles proud whilst looking fantastic in their risqué outfits!

Rocky Horror has a huge cult following and there’s nothing to dislike. It was laugh out loud funny and the performances definitely did the original cult classic film proud. Frank-N-Furter was brilliantly cast, and the whole thing was fantastic proof of what a well-oiled machine the maxresdefaultRocky Horror Show has become over the years. It’s been over 40 years since Tim Curry donned his corset and fishnets and still it’s going strong; that’s quite a feat by anyone’s standards!

In a word: Fabulous! Go and see it!



Films and Things rating; a whopping 5 stars!


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