Quick Film Reviews: Sisters, Spectre & Our Brand is Crisis

I’ve been a bit slack with this blog lately, life’s been a bit busy these past five months or so, I mean…I have babies now and everything! (they’re guinea pigs, but still). So I thought I’d kick off with a few ‘quick reviews’ and summarise the films I’ve seen lately, maybe with just one word, maybe a sentence, maybe even a paragraph, I haven’t decided yet…but I’m a gifted winger of things so I’m sure it’ll be fine…



Generally pretty hilarious, much like anything Amy Poehler and Tina Fey get up to, but not a patch on their TV work. Maybe Sisters should’ve been a series, or maybe I should stop being a picky bitch and just enjoy it, either way it was good fun but not amazing.



Daniel Craig…need I say more?! Yes, probably; Spectre was alright but not quite as great as I’d anticipated. Somewhat long winded and lengthy but generally pretty enjoyable. Just your standard Bond film really.

Our Brand is Crisis


I tell you what else is crisis, this bloody film! Sandra Bullock is usually hilarious and I had such high hopes for this film which, given that it’s about marketing and advertising, is pretty apt for me, but I was sorely disappointed. So not funny, the only two funny parts of the film were Sandra Bullock falling off a chair and sticking her butt out the window of a moving bus (not at the same time) the rest was just a whole big mess of ‘meh’. Don’t bother, seriously.


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