Deadpool; Pastiche at its Finest

Even if you haven’t yet seen Deadpool you will no doubt have cottoned on to the hype. It’s been all over social media these past few weeks and has been raking it in at the box office with its increasing popularity.

If you’re anything like me you may not have ever heard of Deadpool before the film came out and the hype may have been completely lost on you, but don’t let that stop you making the trip to the cinema. Deadpool is laugh out loud funny from the beginning right through to the end in a way that many other Marvel films haven’t achieved. Ryan Reynolds is outstanding as our unconventional hero and his dry humour (aided by a fantastically witty script) is on point.

I’ve mentioned before in various articles on this site that I have a thing for postmodern films, especially those that are full of self-reference and parody and Deadpool is a dream come true for anyone who’s as geeky about such things as I am. Even the opening credits are awesome; the music and visual effects alongside some very witty titles that point out all the clichés in the world of superhero films with titles like ‘The Comic Relief’ ‘The Hot Chick’ and, my personal favourite ‘Produced by Asshats’. It’s pastiche at its absolute best and yet no expense is spared on the production; so we have a laugh out loud funny, clever pastiche that’s also got fantastic visuals; perfect!

Deadpool has a bit of a Shaun of the Dead feel about it and maintains a similar sarcastic humour that pokes fun at its own genre. Every time Deadpool looks at the camera and speaks to the audience is gold, particularly when he comments on how he’s breaking two fourth walls. Maybe it’s the geek in me but breaking the fourth wall never gets old, especially when it’s done twice!

With some moments of brutal gore and hilariously clever comedy Deadpool is difficult to fault. Ryan Reynolds is a brilliant casting choice for the part and I am already finding myself eagerly awaiting a sequel. Deadpool showcases some very clever and talented filmmaking (even if the production crew are asshats!) and some fantastic acting; it’s an all-rounder and a must-see, and if you’re put off by it being a superhero movie fear not! Deadpool is much, much more.

One thought on “Deadpool; Pastiche at its Finest

  1. Definitely a solid, fun film. Flawed, but something I will be adding to my collection, watching again, and a sequel I am looking forward to. I had been waiting years for this, and it didn’t disappoint. Glad to see you enjoyed it so much!

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