Here Lies Joe

HERE LIES JOE Teaser Trailer from Sweven Films on Vimeo.

Another one to add to the watchlist for anyone who loves short films, this little indie is a slightly more sombre offering than the previous short film I reviewed but nevertheless it is still an impressive one.

”Here Lies Joe” tells the haunting and beautiful story of two lost souls who find one another in the most unlikely place. This chance meeting holds the opportunity to see life from a different perspective and the promise of change.”

The film conveys a very strong message of hope throughout, something that director Mark Battle aimed to do from the off.

While the camerawork isn’t quite as slick in places as other films, Here Lies Joe has a very clever atmosphere enhanced by the use of colour that really adds to the story and the overall feel. Although he barely speaks, we become quite close to main character Joe (played by Dean Temple) through clever little touches. It’s great when a film can show you what it’s about rather than tell you, and Here Lies Joe doesn’t need loads of dialogue to make its messages clear.

Another fantastic short film with some really meaningful messages. It tackles a difficult and very¬†important issue in a subtle and clever way and although its story isn’t the most exciting and unique, its still a solid short film and well worth watching.


A Films and Things rating of 3.5!

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