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War on Everyone

Spontaneously buying DVDs in the supermarket without prior research is always risky. We all know you can never trust what the cover says, of course they’re not going to say ‘The Biggest Pile of Crap Released This Year!’ are they? Of course they’re going to sing the film’s praises and trick you into buying it because it’s ‘side-splittingly hilarious’ or whatever lie they’ve plastered on … Continue reading War on Everyone

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Watching Alien for the First Time

Damn, they don’t make them like this anymore! After years of being a horror fanatic I’d put off watching Alien because of how dated it looked. Never much of a sci-fi fan it just didn’t have any appeal. But after finding a boxset containing all the Alien and Predator films it seemed as good a time as any to get watching. One thing is obvious … Continue reading Watching Alien for the First Time

Game of Thrones: what’s all the fuss about?

I’m sure a lot of people will hate me for this post, and that’s fine; please feel free to let me know in the comments! I recently moved in with my boyfriend, who is a big fan of Game of Thrones despite not yet seeing the two most recent series. Because I’m such a great girlfriend I agreed to start watching from the first series … Continue reading Game of Thrones: what’s all the fuss about?


What’s bigger than a giant mythological snake that lives underwater? The colossal feeling of disappointment that this film brings. If you came looking for awesome Viking action then look elsewhere, the Ragnarok DVD cover lies. The ancient and modern worlds both collide when an archeologist uncovers the true meaning of the secret runes discovered in the Oseberg ship. Firstly, no they don’t. In fact there is very … Continue reading Ragnarok


Never thought creature horrors could be anything more than black comedies with questionable special effects? Think again. While it’s contemporaries like Lake Placid and recent Chinese monster movie Million Dollar Crocodile (or Croczilla as it’s sometimes known) are comedies with reasonable but not all that realistic special effects, Rogue gives us something believable and outright terrifying, with not a hint of comedy in sight. A rather attractive American journalist heads out to … Continue reading Rogue

The Wolverine

Claws or no claws, I wouldn’t kick that out of bed! Hugh Jackman returns to the big screen as X-men mutant Wolverine in 2013 3D action blockbuster The Wolverine. When Wolverine saved the life of Yashida in the Nagasaki bombings in 1945 whilst being held captive in a prisoner of war camp, he never in a million years expected that he would be summoned to his death bed to say … Continue reading The Wolverine

Red 2

Frank Moses and the gang are back again in this follow up to the 2010 action comedy hit Red, but this time it’s, bigger, better and badass-er than before. Frank (Bruce Willis) and Marvin (John Malkovich) have to reunite the old team once again when they are falsely listed as participants in smuggling a sought after nuclear weapon into Russia bit by bit during the cold war. … Continue reading Red 2