Hand of God premier: episode 2 review

_1409253366The second episode of Amazon’s latest original series was screened exclusively last night at its London premier. The sneak preview was followed by a cast and crew Q&A and promised for an exciting release on Friday when the whole of season 1 becomes available.

After a great first episode the second continues the story, throwing yet more questions at the eager audience. More fantastic cinematography and brilliant performances can be expected from the rest of the series on Friday and Hand of God looks to be a highly promising series.

In the second episode we delve further into judge Harris’ problems as he continues to talk to God and take meaning from anything and everything in the hopes of saving his son.

Hand of God is proving to be a truly moving and emotional rollercoaster of a series and even two episodes in there is no way of telling at all how the story will unfold. Ben Watkins and Marc Forster work brilliantly together to bring this convoluted and controversial story to life and the fantastic script writing really shines through. Hand of God is the perfect combination of a stellar cast and top notch direction, everything about it is flawless and it really shows Amazon’s passion for delivering top quality entertainment.

One of the best things about the show so far, and something that I’m sure will continue throughout the series, is that it is constantly asking questions. Watkins and Forster have both spoken about  how they want to challenge the audience and ask these questions that often people are afraid to talk about. Controversial questions about religion and violence against women and perhaps most prominently about our right to life, or indeed our right to die.

It’s refreshing to see such difficult issues being tackled in contemporary media , Hand of God boasts a cast of incredibly strong female characters who are likely to only get stronger and more badass as the series unfolds and that is something so good to see, and something Amazon seems hot on too with other original series’ like Outlander under their belts in which we have a very strong female protagonist.

Hand of God will be available in full from tomorrow to Amazon Instant Video customers. If you needed a better excuse to sign up, Hand of God is that excuse. A fantastic first two episodes that promise wonderful things, a real must watch.

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