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Hand of God premiers second episode in London

Is there a higher power guiding us through life and showing us the way? Hand of God blurs the lines between religion and insanity, tackling questions we are often afraid to ask, but what can we expect from the rest of the series? Amazon’s latest original series Hand of God is a psychological thrill ride sure to have you on the edge of your seat. … Continue reading Hand of God premiers second episode in London

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The Hand of God Premier: a night to remember

We arrived at One Marylebone in London to a closed door, a few Sons of Anarchy fans waited outside hopeful that they would catch a glimpse of Ron Perlman rocking up in a fancy car. Waiting outside the door for 6.30 to roll around felt like ten hours rather than ten minutes until finally they opened into a vast and very beautifully decorated old building … Continue reading The Hand of God Premier: a night to remember

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Hand of God premier: episode 2 review

The second episode of Amazon’s latest original series was screened exclusively last night at its London premier. The sneak preview was followed by a cast and crew Q&A and promised for an exciting release on Friday when the whole of season 1 becomes available. After a great first episode the second continues the story, throwing yet more questions at the eager audience. More fantastic cinematography … Continue reading Hand of God premier: episode 2 review

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Hand of God – Pilot

Amazon Prime are at it again proving once more that they’re capable of making some really, really good TV. The pilot episode of Hand of God is as slick and sinister as it is star studded, with Ron Perlman at the helm as morally corrupt judge Pernell Harris, seeking vengeance for his comatose son. When his son attempts to commit suicide, Pernell Harris’s life spirals … Continue reading Hand of God – Pilot

Hand of God is coming this September

Amazon Prime announced this weekend to the Comic Con audience that Hand of God will be released this year to Prime Instant Video viewers. The drama series stars Ron Perlman of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy fame as the honourable justice Pernell Harris. In the aftermath of a family tragedy, corrupt judge Harris comes apart at the seams and believes that God is compelling him … Continue reading Hand of God is coming this September

13 Sins

A gripping and unique new horror thriller that lacks menace but is sure to keep you entertained. 13 Sins follows a popular horror theme that throws its everyman protagonist into a web of twisted and horrific scenarios. Down on his luck salesman Elliot (Mark Webber) receives a phone call from a strange man who promises a large sum of money if he successfully completes thirteen tasks. With a baby on … Continue reading 13 Sins

Pacific Rim

What a movie! This film was made for the big screen. A breathtaking visual masterpiece from the genius that is Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim is apocalyptic sci-fi at it’s finest. Pacific Rim is a fast paced visual feast and is one of the most striking 3D films to be released of recent months. The world is under threat from giant creatures that are seemingly indestructible, so humans … Continue reading Pacific Rim

Sons of Anarchy review

A man in his early 30’s struggles to find a balance in his life between being a new dad, and his commitment to a motorcycle club.

I’m currently watching series 5 of Sons of Anarchy, and unlike many television shows I have followed in the past, Sons is yet to disappoint.

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