The Heat

the-heat1The Heat is a brash and crudely funny film from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock as uptight FBI agent Ashburn and a foul mouthed Boston cop Mullins (can you guess which one’s which?)

Bullock and McCarthy are capable of so much more, The Heat is a total let down.

It relies heavily on loudly shouted swear words to generate humour and the overuse of swearing highlights the less than intelligent script. Bridesmaids, which also starred Melissa McCarthy, generates side splitting humour by drawing on the actor’s natural talent for comedy, they didn’t need to shout ‘fuck’ every five seconds to make us laugh and it’s a well known fact that swearing signifies a sorely lacking vocabulary.

The Heat is disappointingly brash and a total racket. The funny moments are outweighed by frustratingly loud sequences in The-heatwhich the characters just shout over each other. Bullock and McCarthy make a good comedy duo and it’s a shame their flare for comedy couldn’t have been put to better use with a better script.

A deliberate girl power type comedy which, much like Bridesmaids, seems to want to give women a bigger, better and more ballsy role in cinema, The Heat unfortunately makes the two female characters impossible to relate to. They’re not believable, they’re over the top, contrived and unlikely. Bullock gets typecast as the unconventional career driven woman who’s unlucky in love because men can’t stand her all the time and yet her stunning face and figure connotes completely the opposite, I’ve never found her believable as an unlucky in love type of woman and the men in the film even refer to the-heat-melissa-mccarthy-sandra-bullock-6both her and her work-partner Mullins (McCarthy) as ugly, which Bullock most definitely is not. McCarthy is also getting typecast all the time as the foul mouthed slightly butch woman who has a terrible family history used to make us feel sorry for her and warm to her character despite her rough exterior and although she plays the part well and believably the typecasting is getting a little old. There wasn’t an awful lot of difference between her character in The Heat and her character in the recent Seth Gordon road trip comedy Identity Thief, save of course the story itself.

The Heat is mildly amusing but all the comedy is totally over the top. Paul Feig appears to have let the Bridesmaids success go to his head, and has got cocky with his girl centric comedy. It’s very obvious throughout the film that the script and the characters are not up to scratch, and it’s a very poor show. Bullock and McCarthy are capable of so much more, The Heat is a total let down.

6 thoughts on “The Heat

  1. Calling Bullock ugly is reason enough to have those men sent in for their annual eye exam… she hasn’t even aged all that much since her Miss Congeniality days, where the whole premise was that she could blend with models…

    Sorry to hear this was a letdown. I haven’t seen it, but I think I’ll wait until home video at best. It sounds like a bit of a lazy-afternoon flick.

    I haven’t seen anything with McCarthy in it yet, actually. But just looking at the trailers for this, Identity Thief, and Bridesmaids, it does seem like she’s at major risk of typecasting. If she ever wants to have a career past “brash funny fat woman”, she needs to do it now, or the typecasting may prevent her from having a career at all once the novelty wears off.


    1. That’s exactly what I thought! There’s no way she could even look ugly if she tried
      Yeah it’s not worth paying to see at all, I actually watched it online haha I don’t recommend making an effort to see it, really not worth it.
      I agree, but it seems like she’s too happy playing that role, or maybe she’s not capable of anything else, which is a shame because apart from this film I really liked her in everything else I’ve seen her in.


  2. You’re right, of course. And I’m usually a really tough audience for comedy, but there was that one scene where MCCarthy is in her supervisors office, looking for his … well, I don’t want to spoil it. Anyway, THAT scene cracked me up. Yes, I feel guilty about it, but I have to give credit where credit is due.


    1. I suppose that scene was quite amusing…it was after that point that it went a bit OTT haha I do love McCarthy though, I just think her and Sandra Bullock could’ve been put to better use with a better script!


  3. I had no intention of watching this film because the trailer really turned me off, don’t get me wrong I like Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy I’m not too keen on. I wasn’t as amazed by Bridesmaids as everyone else was and loads of people were saying the same about this film (which I couldn’t believe). But there have been reviewers who have more logical opinions (like yours) and said that the film wasn’t all that good. And at the end of the day that’s all I need to know.

    Thanks for the review yo 😀


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