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Ghostbusters: My Two Pennies Worth

By now you’ve probably seen loads of reviews and opinions about the Ghostbusters remake which came out on Monday and whether you’ve seen it or not you’ll probably have your own views. Ghostbusters has received a huge amount of backlash ever since it was first announced, dubbed the most disliked trailer in Youtube history. Armchair critics were quick to declare how crap the film was the moment … Continue reading Ghostbusters: My Two Pennies Worth

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Why ‘Spy’ shows how women’s roles in film are changing

Paul Feig’s latest foray into female-centric comedy, Spy, is a comedy masterpiece full of feisty female characters. If you want to see gender roles turned on their heads look no further, for once the women take the lead and the men are pretty much just there to look good. Melissa McCarthy smashes stereotypes playing a feisty, sassy, sexy and intelligent female spy who outshines her male contemporaries … Continue reading Why ‘Spy’ shows how women’s roles in film are changing

The Heat

The Heat is a brash and crudely funny film from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock as uptight FBI agent Ashburn and a foul mouthed Boston cop Mullins (can you guess which one’s which?) Bullock and McCarthy are capable of so much more, The Heat is a total let down. It relies heavily on loudly shouted swear words to generate humour and the overuse of swearing highlights … Continue reading The Heat