The Inhabitants proves indie horror is where it’s at this Halloween

11227385_1005555952787878_4292253815474864086_nHalloween is fast approaching and there’s always that dilemma of what horror to watch this year. Most of us probably settle for old favourites while some end up disappointed by the latest offerings to hit the cinemas which are generally cliche and not particularly scary. This year however The Rasmussen Brothers have something in store for us horror fans that’s perfect for a Halloween night in by the TV; The Inhabitants.

A young couple decide to buy and renovate an old B&B. Unperturbed by the spooky old lady that used to 10352884_1005577629452377_5126871191330636477_nown the place the couple begin work around the B&B but when Dan (Michael Reed) has to go away on business for a while things start to get weird. Dan returns to find his wife Jessica (Elise Couture-Stone) acting out of sorts and their lives begin to unravel.

Of all the horror film premises out there, that of The Inhabitants is nothing particularly new or original. We’ve all seen that film where the young couple move into a spooky new house and then things get weird. Usually the woman gets possessed (because we’re weak as fuck, of course) and the guy acts all heroic before either being killed or saving the day. It’s a standard formula that, in many cases, works quite well and that’s where The Inhabitants is able to excel. A simple, 11401405_1005562339453906_5461238364478651492_ntried and tested formula that we all know and, for the most part, love, is hard to get wrong and it gives the perfect platform for a film to really get under your skin. The faff of a complex story often doesn’t work in a horror film’s favour and simplicity is sometimes key.

It isn’t what The Inhabitants changes about this tried and tested sub genre that makes it so great, it’s the impeccable direction and completely natural performances from the two lead cast members who are totally believable and natural in their roles. Simplicity is most definitely key for The Inhabitants, with a very small cast and minimal locations it takes the time to slowly get under your skin with its gritty atmosphere and creepy soundtrack. The camera work and the editing 10435035_1005589346117872_1255908895758095779_nflows so smoothly and it’s clear that time, effort and a lot of skill has been put into it.

As a horror fan I am often looking for unusual horror films that do something different or something complex, but The Inhabitants takes things back to basics and proves that when classic storylines and, in the most inoffensive sense, cliches are used right they can make for a very, very good film. Simple and spooky, The Inhabitants is a great watch this Halloween.

Films and Things Rating 4.5 out of 5

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