Guts for Glory

Fancy a signed album and other goodies from an up and coming metal band? Support Guts for Glory today!

Support Midlands-based metal band Guts for Glory by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign today! In return you can bag yourself a signed copy of the album and all sorts of other perks too. They’re an awesome band who put on a fantastic show so this is a great opportunity to get behind them, bag some great merch and be able to brag to your friends that you helped their awesome album happen!

If you aren’t able to contribute financially but want to support them, share the campaign on social media to help spread the word!

Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Black Label Society to name a few we have a kickass old-school metal sound.

Formed in 2014 we’ve gone from strength to strength playing gigs and blowing minds across the West Midlands and now we’re ready to release our first album with a little help from our friends.

And that’s where you come in!

What We Need & What You Get

Guts for Glory is made up of five normal guys with bags of talent, but in order to step things up to the next level we need a bit of cash behind us. A little bit can go a really long way and we’re hoping you will help us and become a part of this awesome journey.

We are hoping to raise some money to produce our album to the most professional standard and get together some merchandise as well. To get 100 albums and cases professionally done it costs around £320, we also need a stage back-drop for our gigs and we’re looking to get some T-shirts and other merchandise printed as well, so as you can imagine we need a fair bit of money.

All we are asking is for people who are passionate about our music and who have supported us at our gigs and enjoyed the free downloads of our tracks so far to donate a little bit of money. Of course you will get something in return for your generosity and you can select any of the awesome perks on the right!

You can bag yourselves all sorts of awesome goodies including a signed copy of the album, signed photos, a personalised acoustic cover of a song of your choice uploaded to our social media pages and lots, lots more! You will of course also have our eternal gratitude and friendship!

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