Top 5 Jumpiest Jump Scares

For most horror fans the tricks used to make the audience jump become second nature and often no longer have the same effect. But there are some jump scares that’ll stay with you forever no matter how much of a hardened horror hound you are.

We have rounded up five of the best, jumpiest jump scares around so grab a spare pair of undies and prepare to be scared.

Se7en – The ‘sloth’ scene

The Film: Se7en is a thriller about a murderer who uses the seven deadly sins as a basis for his crimes. Two detectives, played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, are on the hunt for the prolific serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution from people’s ignorance of the seven deadly sins.

The Scare:Unfortunately this scene doesn’t feature any cute slow moving mammals, it does however promise to make you shit your pants. Sloth, meaning lazy, is one of the seven deadly sins and this scene is pretty much the perfect  example of an unexpected jump scare. A decrepit corpse laying on a bed, detectives leaning over the body trying to look for clues and an unfortunately timed cough all make for a very surprising jump scare.

Insidious – The Demon

The Film: Insidious is a paranormal horror about a boy who ‘astral projects’ himself in his sleep and wanders off to places unknown. When he falls into a very deep sleep it seems things could be a lot more sinister than they first appear, and soon a demon comes-a-knocking because he wants to possess the boy and do nasty things to people.

The Scare: Rose and her mother in law try to convince Josh that their son is not in fact in a coma and is being tormented in his sleep by evil demons when, right on cue, the demon pops up behind Josh’s shoulder. Ignoring the fact that the demon looks a lot like Darth Maul, this scene is sure to frighten the life out of even the most hardened of horror fans.

The Descent – Night vision

The Film: The Descent follows a group of thrill seeking women into a deep dark tunnel for some seemingly harmless potholing. It soon becomes apparent that the girls aren’t alone down there and eventually Juno, team leader and all round bitch, caves and admits that she’s sent them on a wild goose chase into an undiscovered cave so that they can have the glory of being the first to name it. Yeah, smart.

The Scare: Using a night vision camera the girls try to figure out what the hell is going on whilst simultaneously being really stupid and shouting at the top of their lungs. This of course ends badly when one of the weird bald mole-men who hunt using sound crashes the party. It makes for a pretty good jump scare.

Jaws -Ben Gardner’s Boat

The Film: Jaws is a film that needs no explanation, but you’re getting one anyway. Jaws is a massive ass shark who decides to traumatise the little island community of Amity. Three men set out to stop it; a police chief, a marine biologist and a fisherman. Yes it sounds like the beginning of a dodgy joke, but Jaws is renowned for being one of the best and scariest films of all time.

The Scare: Two of the three men set off one night to try and hunt down the killer shark when they stumble across the sunken ruins of Ben Gardner’s boat. Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) decides to dive down and take a look and whilst down there, he gets the fright of his life. Probably the scariest scene in Jaws, this is sure to make you jump.

An American Werewolf in London – Mutant Nazi Nightmare

The Film: An American Werewolf in London tells the story of two very unfortunate backpackers who have travelled from the USA to wander around the moors near London. After meeting some unsavoury folk in the local pub the pair are attacked by a werewolf, one ends up dead while the other is cursed.

The Scare: David Kessler (David Naughton) is having a bad dream about weird mutant nazis killing his entire family while he is in hospital as his body struggles with the transition from man to, well, beast. Just when he thinks he has woken up from his nightmare another mutant nazi leaps through the window and attacks David’s new fancy piece; his nurse. Brilliantly done this jump scare, although very dated now, is genius. The whole scene isn’t exactly scary, but that one bit where you think it’s all over and suddenly another one jumps through the window is real pant-shitting material.

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