Deep Blue Sea

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all animals stuck in research labs to be tested on could fight back? Well that’s exactly what happens in Renny Harlin‘s Deep Blue Sea when a group of scientists in an underwater facility test on sharks to try and find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Dr Susan McCallister (Saffron Burrows) has been playing around with the brains of living sharks to try and … Continue reading Deep Blue Sea

Dark Tide

Don’t mess with sharks. If the fact that they’re huge, strong and deadly doesn’t put you off enough then Dark Tide just might. Starring the beautiful Halle Berry and French actor Olivier Martinez, Dark Tide follows a woman with some kind of connection with sharks. Making informational videos with her husband on board a ship, we see her swim with the giant fish fearlessly until disaster strikes, you can probably see where … Continue reading Dark Tide