wpid-wp-1434300729748.jpegPhilomema is a heart rending biographical drama about an elderly woman (Judi Dench) who goes in search of her long lost son with the help of a disgraced journalist (Steve Coogan).

Living in a convent as a young woman, Philomema commits a sin, the result of which is a son called Anthony. Because the church doesn’t approve of her antics, she loses all rights to her son and eventually sees him snatched away and sold to an wpid-wp-1434300729631.jpegAmerican family. 50 years later Philomema, encouraged by her daughter, decides she wants to take her story public and with the help of recently sacked journalist Martin Sixsmith she goes in search of her long lost little boy.

Philomema is an odd and very clever blend of gut wrenching sadness and laugh out loud, uplifting humour. Judi Dench is on another level in wpid-wp-1434300729641.jpegher performance as the sweet yet feisty old Irish woman and Steve Coogan actually manages to not be incredibly irritating like normal so there’s that.

Based on an incredible true story Philomema is one of those brilliant dramas that really makes you think and immerses you in the intricate web of the characters lives. The character of Philomema is so brilliantly constructed and so well portrayed by Judi Dench that it is impossible not to fall in love with her. Her witty remarks and unexpectedly cheeky sense of humour really shape her into a three dimensional character with whom we can all relate in one way or another.

It’s a story that will make you feel every feeling known to man; sadness, happiness and even anger. It is so cleverly written and so beautifully executed and a fine example of brilliant British film.

One thought on “Philomena

  1. Great review mate, I saw this when Cineworld re-released it in cinemas in the early side of last year and was really moved by the story and the character. Was such a delightful yet sad experience.


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