Day 07: A Movie that Makes You Happy


Labyrinth is my childhood favourite. I used to pester my parents to watch it all the time, and at that point we had it on VHS recorded from the TV. I have since bought the DVD version (special edition of course 😉 ) and have seen it probably nigh on 20 times in my life. I know all the songs word for word, I even learned one (As the World Falls Down) on the piano, but then I quit and forgot how to play.
I’m a huge David Bowie fan, Labyrinth is wonderfully weird and it brings back so many memories from when I was a kid. I used to be scared of the goblins, I think they even made me cry once. I love everything about the film and it’s one that definitely makes me happy, I can watch it and recite pretty much the whole script, including the songs. My friend from back along and me went through a phase of watching it over and over, and we had similarly dirty minds so ended up noticing a few choice phrases in the film that we hadn’t noticed when we were kids, some of the phrases are more ridiculous than others but the tiny, mischievous goblin that keeps turning the paving slabs around at one point mutters something in its funny voice that sounds remarkably like ‘your mother

'nipper sticks' ... foul mouthed little things it turns out!
‘nipper sticks’ … foul mouthed little things it turns out!

is a frigid aardvark’. In the scene where we first meet Ludo (the giant orange thing with horns, for anyone that’s unsure!)  there are several goblins running around holding sticks with little snappy goblins stuck to the top, God knows what they’re meant to be, and one of them says something that sounds suspiciously like ‘I ate a p***y’ (I thought the asterisk’s made it slightly less vulgar!)
So the film brings back memories and also makes me laugh now that I’m no longer an innocent child!

5 thoughts on “Day 07: A Movie that Makes You Happy

  1. I vaguely remember seeing the movie as a child but haven’t seen it since. I need to check this out again and finally take in all of the great Bowie’s acting 🙂


  2. Is ‘As the world falls down’ the one where Bowie sings “your eyes can so cruel. Just as I can be so cruel”? Had that excerpt as my ringtone until it went off in one too many awkward situations. Great film though. All the Henson magic right there.


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