Tagged Again


I’ve been slapped with another tag from the lovely Meera  who not only has a very good blog, but is a very talented individual and will be assisting with the production of my (our) first professional short film Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

I was tagged the other day, but I love answering questions so I’m posting again! I try my best to come up with the daftest answers where possible, mainly because it amuses me and also in the vain hope that it’ll make someone else laugh as well!

So without further ado, here are my eleven questions and answers!…

  1. If you had the chance to build any invention, what would you create? Ooh this is a tricky one! So many things!! It would have to be a time machine…either that or something that would reduce the size of my feet…it’s really difficult to buy size 9 women’s shoes!
  2. Fire or Water? Why? Water…I hate being too warm! Plus I can swim so assuming I’m in a life or death situation I’d have a lot more chance of surviving the water than the fire…since I’m not fire retardant!
  3. If you had to choose any sport that you had to undertake once every week, which sport would you choose? Volleyball because I already play it! I haven’t played for quite a while…will be in the summer though 😀
  4. Whats your favourite snack? Fruit. I know that sounds stupid, most people would be all over the chocolate/crisps etc but I’m like some kind of fruit bat at heart! 
  5. Sunset or Sunrise? Sunrise, I’m a morning person. I can do early mornings without being grouchy but the minute it hits 11pm (ish) I’m usually very antisocial! 
  6. We all have imagination. What recently happened in your dream? Now that would be telling 😉 My dreams are very strange…I can’t remember any recent ones though, but I had a whole two months of recurring zombie dreams/nightmares which usually resulted in me being bitten or scratched. 
  7. If you could be the Maker of any FILM which would you choose? Sherlock Holmes or Iron Man…anyone that knows me will know why 😉 
  8. Do you believe in a second life? If so, would you want to remain yourself, be someone else or something else…Who/what? I do yes…because my mind just can’t comprehend that life can simply just cease to be. I would like to come back as a human male…best of both worlds I guess and I wouldn’t want to be an animal because we are horrible to them and life would not be worth living!
  9. Sky diving or Rock climbing? Rock Climbing, if I had to choose…but either one would be like suicide for me…I’m the kind of person that would jump out of a window and go up. 
  10. If you would like to do one thing in the whole world, what would it be? Stop animal cruelty, somehow. I’d love to demolish the fur trade completely and rehome all the animals. I’m a sap like that!
  11. Walking in to a shopping mall, you see a ‘EVERYTHING IS FREE HERE’ sign, which store do you wish it would be? Argos. They have EVERYTHING! I regularly flick through the Argos catalogue and pretend that I have the power to pluck out one thing from every page..so I have to decide what I would choose from each page….don’t judge me, I have a lot of free time! 

Now I would choose eleven more people to tag but I honestly can’t think of eleven more blogs. I follow a lot of blogs, and read as many of them as I can but eleven is a lot to keep track of! I don’t want to double up while these tags are doing the rounds because I’d feel like I’m bombarding people and I don’t like to make a nuisance of myself if I can help it! My previous ‘tagged’ post is here, where I did nominate another eleven people…

2 thoughts on “Tagged Again

  1. Hahaa your answers were awesome!!! Lol at the bit where you said “Im the kind of person that would jump out the window and go up” ahahaaa! I had a feeling you would say Iron Man, though I was expecting you to say ‘Robert Downey Jr’ for question 8! Btw Argos rocks!!! Great post 🙂


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