I’m a Versatile Blogger Again :D


My second ‘versatile blogger’ award comes from Michael over at Parlor of Horror which is a brilliant blog dedicated to horror films, if you’ve not checked it out then head over and have a look! So a massive thanks to him, and also to everyone who reads my blog and comments/likes things regularly it means a lot!
I’ve linked my other versatile blogger post to this one, I’ve nominated a lot of blogs for various things over the past little while and I try my best not to make a nuisance out of myself where possible so I don’t want to keep bombarding people…so check out my other post and have a look at who I nominated before and maybe have a peek at their blogs too!
It always comes as a surprise when people throw awards or ‘tags’ my way because I never imagined anyone would be interested in my blog or what I have to say. I know probably every blogger says that but it’s true! Most of the time I look at what I write and I think I’m just chatting  nonsense so it’s great to see that people disagree!

Here are the rules to receiving this award:

1. In a post on your blog, nominate 10 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award; and link to them.
2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
4. In the same post, share 10 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

I’ve linked to my previous ‘versatile blogger’ post so you can have a look at who I nominated before…but I’ve dished out tags and stuff to lots of people over the past couple of days and really don’t want to bombard people!

So I suppose all that’s left is to give 10 random pieces of information about myself!
I always find this really difficult because I’ve no recollection of what I’ve already said, and I don’t really want to keep repeating myself! I’ll give it a go though…

  1. My favourite colour is lime green, and I want a lime green car when and if I ever learn to drive!
  2. When I was a baby I used to cry every time Cliff Richard came on the radio. No one knows why, but it happened several times, one time it was in a shop!! He is pretty creepy mind!!
  3. The film ‘Signs’ with Mel Gibson scared me so much when I first watched it (I was only about 8) that for years after I had to jump into bed from a foot away because I thought an alien hand would shoot out from under it and grab me!
  4. For about a year when I was 13 I went to a painting class once a week and was taught by a local artist. I discovered that it was a natural talent and I now oil-paint in my spare time. I ‘specialise’ in animal portraits but I’ve given most of my paintings away now and have only retained a few.
  5. I hate any creepy crawlies, although I’m usually fine unless they’re on me. Even something as cute as a lady bird is enough to scare me if it’s on me! I freak out and generally scream at whoever’s nearest me to “get it off, get it off!”
  6. I once saved the life of a gorgeous Peregrine Falcon that had its claw trapped in a chain link fence. I saw something flapping in a hedge and went over to check it out, a cat was closing in on it but I was too scared to touch the bird myself so I used a stick to prise its claw off the fence. It survived the ordeal and flew off never to be seen again. Well, not by me anyway!
  7. I had a guinea-pig called Gary when I was a kid. The day it died I found him flat and very hard in his cage. I cried lots, but when it came to burying him I really didn’t want to touch ‘the dead thing’ so I scooped him up with a plastic beach-spade and waddled sadly to his grave and plopped him in. I then yelled angrily at my brother when he tactlessly said that he was ‘flat like a pancake’.
  8. I’ve never properly injured myself and have never broken a bone, despite how clumsy I can be. The closest I’ve come to a proper injury was when I was little and my brother and me were running across a playground bridge while my dad was underneath it pretending to be a troll. I ran and caught my foot on one of the chains, I carried on but my foot stayed where it was and now I have a prosthetic one. No, I joke…I just twisted my ankle really badly!
  9. I welcomed my brother into the world by leaning over his cot in the hospital and growling ‘James, wake up!’. I really didn’t want a brother, so my delightful two year old self spent the following couple of days telling my mum I hated her. I don’t really, and I still feel terrible about that now even though I don’t remember doing it!
  10. I’m still terrified of the dark, and when I have to walk around the house at night I go to great lengths to turn lights on as I go; I even leave the bathroom light on so that I can go and turn the hall light on, then I backtrack and turn the bathroom light off…all so I don’t have to be in the dark at any point! I have progressed to sleeping with the door closed and no lights on, but I’m still not happy unless I’m completely under the covers…you’re safe from anything if you’re under the covers you know!

Well that was fun! Check my other post to see who I nominated 🙂 I would nominate more but 10 is a big number and I would doubtless end up pestering at least one person that I’ve already pestered in the past week or so and I’m very conscious of trying not to be annoying!

12 thoughts on “I’m a Versatile Blogger Again :D

  1. Good call on Cliff Richard! And about that guinea pig…(true story) Bing Crosby’s son had a budgie that died. Bing’s boy was wild with grief and Bing decided to bury the bird in a shoebox coffin with a fancy funeral service. As they were putting the box into the ground the bird started moving about in the box. Bing’s son lifted the box back out of its hole, eyes full of excitement. He turned to Bing and said, “Let’s kill it!”

    Just wanted to share that…


    1. lol I heard a poem a bit like it once…can’t remember where from but for some reason I always remembered the poem
      ‘my daughter she came up to me, a tear welled in her eye, and asked me what would happen, when Sam her rabbit died. I said we’d get a shoe box and put dear Sam inside, and bury him beneath the swing in the sand next to your slide. And then we’ll have a party, the best you’ve ever seen. Eat chocolate cake and sausage rolls and jelly with ice-cream. When she heard my story, all she could say was WOW! Why wait until the day he dies let’s kill the bunny now!’
      Christ knows how I remembered all that but there we go!


    1. lol yeah but I was only 8 xD I started young hahaha American Werewolf also scared the life out of me! Now I don’t get creeped out at all…it’s a shame really, getting scared was all part of the fun


      1. Have you seen The Fourth Kind, that one creeped me out a bit and that was only a couple of years ago. Not making fun of Signs in any way, it was a well made film. Some of those scenes in the corn field at night… really nicely done.


      2. Nah I don’t really like sci-fi to be honest, I’ve watched Signs since and thought it was awful! haha the alien’s faces are hysterical although the bit at the party when one just strolls past is still freaky even now!


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