Net TV Website – 161MC

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 11.53.59I used Wix to create a website for our magazine show Net TV. I’ve incorporated multimedia such as images and videos, as well as social networking links and a Twitter feed.

I started off by choosing the design of the website, and I chose colours and images that suit the theme of the show. I had a look around at other similar websites to get an idea of layout but like all websites they varied greatly and there was no particular correlation in design so I was able to design it off the top of my head, as it didn’t need to conform to any particular conventions.

I included lots of images to make the website more interesting, with an interactive slideshow on the home page and a page for video clips. I added a number of links to our facebook and twitter pages as it’s important to stress how the audience can get involved, andScreen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.27.25 enable them to engage with the show itself.

To make it a little more interesting, I also added news articles with links to other websites that open up in a new window. Assuming the audience watches the show because they’re interested in UFO’s, they are likely to be interested in reading news articles about UFO sightings, so it engages them more with the website, makes it more interactive and gives them extra information.

All of the links, images and other multimedia are relevant to the show, any of the news articles and videos follow the same theme so rather than repeat the same information constantly it allows the audience to research further, it also gives an idea of the kind of content that the show will cover.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.27.38Through researching websites both for this task and when I did Alevel ICT I know that it is important to make it obvious how to get in touch with the show. Navigation also needs to be obvious and easy to use otherwise people get fed up with the website and lose interested, so I utilised this knowledge when creating my website. I also chose a clear layout that is modern but easy to follow, so all information is accessible and easy to read. On every page there is a reference to the Facebook and Twitter pages which means users are constantly able to find these things and get in touch.

There is a balance of information about the show itself and about the subject matter, obviously information can be added as time goes on and I can start posting information on the specific things we will cover in the show and also about the presenters and guests, but for the time being we haven’t planned any of those details.

The colours and use of images maintains the house style of the show, and it’s easy to tell that the facebook and twitter pages belongScreen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.39.26 to the same entity, and the house style of the website is consistent from page to page. I think it’s a reasonable site, however I am keen to add more specific information about the show itself once we have planned the items and guests.

click here to view the site



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