Professional Experience

When I came to university I was under no illusions that the degree alone would get me a career, so in my first term I tried to get involved with things that would enhance my CV and my skills. Although the course provides key skills and a chance to build a portfolio of work, the best way to learn and improve is to do as much as you can off your own back, outside of the course. Fortunately Coventry Uni has a lot of opportunities available, and plenty of ways to gain contacts and network.

The first thing I got involved with was Source TV. So far I’ve worked on four projects, with a few more coming up soon. The projects so far are:

  • Shooting a Flash Mob performed by dance students in The Hub
  • A promotional video for the Badminton club
  • Interviewing the people in the queue waiting to audition for the reality show ‘Sent to Coventry’
  • A video interviewing the student council in preparation for the upcoming elections.

The project I’m most proud of is the promotional Badminton club video, which I shot and edited on my own.

The next two professional experience’s aren’t related to the university.

Firstly I was invited to become a contributor for an E-magazine about cinema. ICM (international cinematic e-magazine) is run by a group of Moroccan students and it focuses on world cinema and cinema practices. I have so far written three articles which have been published on the site, and I’m working on another at the moment. In April I am hoping to go to Udine film festival with a few of the people from the magazine which will be a great experience. The E-magazine can be found here:

I then applied for a voluntary role which was tweeted on Twitter by UK360, a magazine TV show broadcast on the internet once a week. The position was a voluntary script assistant, which would give the candidate broadcast credit. I have assisted with a few scripts, but they are yet to decide who they are going to take on. I’m still waiting to hear back, but have so far assisted with three scripts and written one from scratch as a means to show them my own writing style.

Finally, just before Christmas I joined Coventry University East Asian Film Society as part of the Media Production team. I’ve helped with the promotion of film screenings so far, and will be shooting a short video on Wednesday of a Karate performance that is happening before the film screening, specially for Chinese New Year.

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