The Collection

The_Collection_1The Collection is  a gory, brutal horror sequel from SAW writer Marcus Dunstan.

When Arkin (Josh Stewart) manages to escape masked killer The Collector’s booby trapped warehouse, he is blackmailed into helping rescue a girl who has become his latest victim.

Our creepy masked assassin (who looks like he’s wrapped his face in a black bin bag) is back in fine form with even more horrific traps that’ll either have you hiding behind a pillow or, if you’re anything like me, laughing in sick satisfaction. SAW writer Dunstan has a good eye for gory torture and cringeworthy booby traps and The Collection will satisfy any gore hound looking for a bit of post-SAW entertainment.

Possibly the worst part of the entire film is the huge, fat, hairy eight legged fuckers that The Collector is keeping in jars 782139_036on a shelf. Watching spiders crawl all over Emma Fitzpatrick’s face is more disturbing than any of the blood, guts and gore flying all over the place in the rest of the film; give me intestines soaring through the air over a group of chubby, hairy spiders any day of the week!

The Collection is a less sophisticated and much less atmospheric version of SAW but nonetheless it’s an entertaining and satisfyingly gory flick. There’s not much of a story to it and we don’t ever find out the identity of The Collector (although if it’s anything like SAW there’s yet to be another five or more sequels!) but it’s quality entertainment. It’s fast paced, brutal and straight to the point, there’s no hanging about and at just 82 minutes long there’s no time to get bored.

the-collection-C_110214_8155_rgbThere is however plenty of time to get frustrated at how conveniently easy it is for the survivors to break their way out of things, avoid the traps and unlock doors with conveniently placed pins (does that even work?!). Yet despite managing to avoid The Collector’s booby traps with ease no one manages to kill the bastard.

If you’re able to suspend your disbelief and enjoy The Collection, it’s a decent film and adequately entertaining, just don’t think too hard about the logistics or you’ll be wanting to turn it off within the first five minutes.

3 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. Great review yo, haven’t seen a review from you in AGES! This film sounds like fun, Saw films are the one horror films I can watch because even though they’re gory, they’re also really funny because of the stupid scenarios the vicitims find themselves in. From teh sound of your review it sounds like you’re not a fan of spiders, mate that’s funny. You wouldn’t have liked our pet spider Roger, he was a little legend. 🙂


    1. Thanks 😀
      Yeah I haven’t written anything in a looong time! Getting back to it now, been really busy
      Yeah Saw is pretty funny, this isn’t quite as funny because there’s not as much ridiculousness but it’s entertaining.
      Yeah I hate spiders 😛 pet spider?! Eurgh! But Roger is a great spider name I gotta say!


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