The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia

A big city lawyer returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother only to become embroiled in a murder case against his father, the town’s judge. The Judge is a heartwarming but slightly long winded drama about a man reconnecting with his estranged family after twenty years. It deals with so many issues; death, divorce and even dementia. Hank’s (Robert Downey Jr) estranged father Joseph … Continue reading The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia

At Middleton

Two parents fall in love during their children’s college tour when the pair decide to stray from the tour group and spend the day causing mischief and revisiting their own college days, much to their college-hopeful children’s dismay. At Middleton is a slow-paced romance with a warm heart and a decent cast. Sisters Vera and Taissa Farmiga play mother and daughter Edith and Audrey Martin (which is slightly odd for anyone … Continue reading At Middleton