Walk of Shame

A woman in a yellow dress with a terrible hangover running around like a headless chicken with no phone, keys or money may sound like an entertaining ninety-five minutes to you, but please think twice before you commit. Meghan (Elizabeth Banks), a promising reporter, comes very close to realising her dream as a news anchor when she is offered the job of a lifetime. But a … Continue reading Walk of Shame

Without a Paddle

Who doesn’t love a road trip comedy? What better way to mix things up a little than to swap the road with a lake? That’s exactly what happens in Steven Brill‘s 2004 comedy Without a Paddle. Steven Brill has brought us many mediocre comedies in the past including Drillbit Taylor, Mr Deeds and Little Nicky. Without a Paddle follows the theme of mediocrity but to all intents and purposes is a laugh out loud, … Continue reading Without a Paddle