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Scream: The TV Series

Largely because it’s an MTV series, the TV version of postmodern horror favourite Scream has, for many people, slipped under the radar. Released originally at the end of June this year the first series is now over and fans are eagerly awaiting the second which as been confirmed for release around April next year. Not a continuation of Scream as such, the TV series follows … Continue reading Scream: The TV Series

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Hand of God – Pilot

Amazon Prime are at it again proving once more that they’re capable of making some really, really good TV. The pilot episode of Hand of God is as slick and sinister as it is star studded, with Ron Perlman at the helm as morally corrupt judge Pernell Harris, seeking vengeance for his comatose son. When his son attempts to commit suicide, Pernell Harris’s life spirals … Continue reading Hand of God – Pilot

Amazon has won the race to sign Top Gear boys for new car show

Amazon have today announced that a new car show starring disgraced Jeremy Clarkson and the other Top Gear hosts is set for a 2016 release. The show will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime customers and has already committed to three seasons as part of this landmark TV deal. Staying true to Top Gear the show will also be produced by the trios long-serving executive … Continue reading Amazon has won the race to sign Top Gear boys for new car show

Derren Brown ‘Infamous’ – Spoiler Free

Last night I went to Plymouth Pavilions to see Derren Brown’s latest live show Infamous, which is currently in its UK tour. I’ve always been interested in mediumship, ever since I was addicted to Most Haunted as a kid. When I started to wise up and realise that it’s not as real as these so-called mediums like to make out, I got very interested in researching evidence that it’s fake. Some of the … Continue reading Derren Brown ‘Infamous’ – Spoiler Free