Hailed as one of the best films of 2013, Gravity is a visual feast not to be missed in stunning 3D. No, literally, don’t miss it in 3D…there’s no point watching Gravity anywhere but the big screen with a pair of 3D specs on your nose. Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), a highly respected medical engineer, is sent on her first shuttle mission alongside veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George … Continue reading Gravity

Pacific Rim

What a movie! This film was made for the big screen. A breathtaking visual masterpiece from the genius that is Guillermo Del Toro, Pacific Rim is apocalyptic sci-fi at it’s finest. Pacific Rim is a fast paced visual feast and is one of the most striking 3D films to be released of recent months. The world is under threat from giant creatures that are seemingly indestructible, so humans … Continue reading Pacific Rim

The World’s End ‘To err is human, so, err…’

Doctor Who meets The Hangover in the latest (and last) instalment of the Cornetto Trilogy; The World’s End. Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back on fine comedy form with a bigger and better cast than the previous two movies. Five friends reunite 20 years after they failed to complete epic pub crawl ‘the golden mile’ to try it again. Gary King (Simon Pegg) dreams of reaching the final … Continue reading The World’s End ‘To err is human, so, err…’

The Host

The Host is the cinematic adaption of the Stephenie Meyer novel of the same name, and no doubt garnered such negative reviews and eye-rollings because of its link to Twilight and the fact it was written by Meyer. Of course, any of us with half a brain know that just because it’s written by the same person, doesn’t mean it’s going to fail and The Host, which is a superior novel … Continue reading The Host

The Bay

Not another found footage film surely? The scariest thing about these kinds of horror films is that they keep making more, and The Bay doesn’t bring anything new to the table at all. The film documents a short period of time around the fourth of July in Claridge, a fictional bay in Maryland, US. A deadly parasitic outbreak occurs thanks to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, and … Continue reading The Bay