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Deadpool; Pastiche at its Finest

Even if you haven’t yet seen Deadpool you will no doubt have cottoned on to the hype. It’s been all over social media these past few weeks and has been raking it in at the box office with its increasing popularity. If you’re anything like me you may not have ever heard of Deadpool before the film came out and the hype may have been … Continue reading Deadpool; Pastiche at its Finest

The Croods

Animated family movies seem to be the only genre that can get away with being totally unimaginative and repetitive. The Croods is brilliant family fun in a seen-it-all-before kind of a way. Its bright colours, striking visuals and assortment of fictitious and adorable creatures aren’t enough to hide the fact that we’ve seen this film a million times before; Ice Age is just one recent example. When their cave … Continue reading The Croods