The Decoy Bride

Ever fancied seeing David Tennant strut his stuff in tartan flares? Well now’s your chance! A well written, well acted rom-com set on a beautiful remote Scottish island, what more could you ask for? The Decoy Bride is an under-watched gem deserving of far more publicity. The world’s media infests a remote Scottish island when word gets out that famous Hollywood actress, and every mans ideal woman Lara … Continue reading The Decoy Bride

3 Days of Normal

3 Days of Normal is a breath of fresh air, a cute and beautifully filmed little rom-com with none of the cliche glitz and glam of Hollywood. A small-town love story with a poetically slow pace and some solid performances, 3 Days of Normal is a heartwarming little indie film and an example of what more romantic drama films should be like. Set in Washington, New Hampshire, a … Continue reading 3 Days of Normal

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Inexplicable and impossible ‘magic’, laughs and stupid hair is what you can expect from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which bombed at the US box office in March. But despite its negative reviews upon its release, it’s a surprisingly charming, daft and enjoyable little film. When a street magician’s stunts begins to upstage well known magic double act ‘The Incredible Burt and Anton’, Burt Wonderstone and Anton … Continue reading The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps is your typical Hollywood rom-com, so for those that can’t put aside their film snobbery for two hours and just enjoy a bit of entertainment, then please do yourselves a favour and steer well clear! Playing for Keeps got some rather negative reviews all round and the general consensus is that the cast was too good for the lacklustre and cliche-fuelled  script. However, I really … Continue reading Playing for Keeps

The Oranges

The Oranges is a cute and warm romantic comedy about a young woman’s relationship with an older man. Highly reminiscent of Crazy Stupid Love but altogether less brash and more tasteful, The Oranges is just like every other rom-com, but because of this it’s the perfect easy to watch film and a great pick me up.  The Oranges follows two very close families, the Ostroff’s and the Walling’s, living … Continue reading The Oranges

My Sassy Hubby (Review for CUEAFS)

  ‘My Sassy Hubby’ is a follow up film to the 2002 romantic comedy ‘My Wife Is 18′ (James Yuen) in which a 30 year old university student and an 18 year old school girl are pushed into an arranged marriage. Written and directed by James Yuen and starring the original actors Eikin Cheng andCharlene Choi, ‘My Sassy Hubby’ is a hilarious romantic comedy that stays true to its now decade-old predecessor… Read more … Continue reading My Sassy Hubby (Review for CUEAFS)