Orange is the New Black Season 3

The third season of Orange is the New Black has drawn to a close and once again hasn’t disappointed. So many tumultuous ups and downs, so much drama and so much sexual tension. Season 3 pulls some of the focus from Piper (Taylor Schilling) and delves even more into the complicated and fascinating back stories of the other characters with some seriously well-done flashback sequences. … Continue reading Orange is the New Black Season 3


Philomema is a heart rending biographical drama about an elderly woman (Judi Dench) who goes in search of her long lost son with the help of a disgraced journalist (Steve Coogan). Living in a convent as a young woman, Philomema commits a sin, the result of which is a son called Anthony. Because the church doesn’t approve of her antics, she loses all rights to … Continue reading Philomena

Outlander: ‘Sassenach’

The first episode of Amazon-original series Outlander kicks off to a flying start with stunning scenery that puts BBC’s Poldark to shame. After being apart for five years during the war, Claire Randall and her husband embark on a ‘second honeymoon’ in Scotland to reconnect and celebrate the end of the second world war. But things take a turn for the worst when Claire (Caitriona … Continue reading Outlander: ‘Sassenach’

The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia

A big city lawyer returns to his childhood home after the death of his mother only to become embroiled in a murder case against his father, the town’s judge. The Judge is a heartwarming but slightly long winded drama about a man reconnecting with his estranged family after twenty years. It deals with so many issues; death, divorce and even dementia. Hank’s (Robert Downey Jr) estranged father Joseph … Continue reading The Judge; Death, Divorce and Dementia


What’s bigger than a giant mythological snake that lives underwater? The colossal feeling of disappointment that this film brings. If you came looking for awesome Viking action then look elsewhere, the Ragnarok DVD cover lies. The ancient and modern worlds both collide when an archeologist uncovers the true meaning of the secret runes discovered in the Oseberg ship. Firstly, no they don’t. In fact there is very … Continue reading Ragnarok

The Babadook – A Very Un-Scary Halloween

This year for halloween me and the other half decided to go to the cinema. The other option was go out and get drunk, and in hindsight I think we made the wrong choice. I’d been waiting to see The Babadook for months, ever since I first read about it online. All the reviews seemed positive, the trailer and stills from the film all looked … Continue reading The Babadook – A Very Un-Scary Halloween


The Conjuring spin off Annabelle is quite possibly one of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while. Let me begin by saying I don’t scare easily when it comes to horror films, I’ve grown pretty much immune. Obviously the tension is heightened when you see a horror in the cinema, but usually I don’t feel ‘scared’. Annabelle had me shitting myself. It’s like director … Continue reading Annabelle


I am unashamed to admit to being a bit of a Melissa McCarthy fan. Ever since her appearance as hilarious misfit Megan in Bridesmaids, she has been one of my favourite comedy actresses. Despite this though, I’d been looking forward to Tammy since seeing the first trailer ages ago with a pinch of dread. McCarthy seems to be getting typecast as the butch, loud, funny … Continue reading Tammy

Right in the Gag Reflex! The Human Centipede 1&2

Last night myself and my housemate made a probably quite daft decision to watch The Human Centipede films. I’d avoided these films like the plague because, well, what’s appealing about a film that’s premise is several people get kidnapped and sewn together mouth to arse? Nothing really. More horrific than the film itself is the fact that writer/director Tom Six actually thought it up. But he … Continue reading Right in the Gag Reflex! The Human Centipede 1&2