Hand of God is coming this September

Amazon Prime announced this weekend to the Comic Con audience that Hand of God will be released this year to Prime Instant Video viewers. The drama series stars Ron Perlman of Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy fame as the honourable justice Pernell Harris. In the aftermath of a family tragedy, corrupt judge Harris comes apart at the seams and believes that God is compelling him … Continue reading Hand of God is coming this September


A horror film that will have you screaming at the characters to cut their losses and bump off a couple of very young, innocent children, Mama is psychological horror at its most irritating. Although an enjoyable and fairly visually pleasing watch, it becomes more than a little frustrating that these two people (the uncle of the girls’ and his enduring partner) don’t just ditch the kids and … Continue reading Mama

‘Shackled’ – check out my review of the Indonesian horror for CUEAFS

Indonesia is not best known for its horror films, but female director Upi’s latest film comes in the form of psychological horror Shackled. With previous experience as a horror screenwriter, and indeed having written the script for Shackled, Upi delivers a very strong and visually beautiful psychological thriller, but whether it can be classed as a horror is debatable… Read more here http://cueafs.com/2013/04/udine-feff-15-shackled-indonesia-2012-film-review/ Continue reading ‘Shackled’ – check out my review of the Indonesian horror for CUEAFS


Smiley is a 2012 psychological slasher film about a mysterious masked man who can be summoned by typing “I did it for the lulz” three times to someone via online video chat rooms (kind of like chat roulette, if you’ve ever used it). He appears behind them and kills them. A bi-polar student who’s still grieving her mother’s suicide falls in with the wrong crowd when … Continue reading Smiley