It’s Wednesday, and this week I haven’t forgotten! Time for this week’s Top 5. This seems apt since I’ve gone through a big creature movie phase recently, and I want to know your top 5 creature movies, so put them in the comments below. I’ll get the ball rolling; Million Dollar Crocodile (Croczilla) – so bad it’s good Jaws The Descent – pretty sure those … Continue reading What Are Your Top 5…CREATURE MOVIES


Sharks in a supermarket sounds like the punchline to some kind of terrible joke, but for the characters in Australia’s 2012 creature-horror Bait it’s very much a twisted reality. The food chain is tested when a tidal wave lands two huge man eating sharks in a supermarket. A group of survivors left balancing precariously on top of what used to be supermarket shelves have to find a … Continue reading Bait