Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Have you ever imagined yourself belly laughing at a cot death joke? Nope, me either. Until Humanity happened that is. Ricky Gervais’ latest stand up tour commenced earlier in the year and he descended upon Birmingham at the end of June and of course I’d eagerly snatched up tickets the morning they were released. It’s been a while since Gervais has done a stand up … Continue reading Ricky Gervais: Humanity

Derren Brown ‘Infamous’ – Spoiler Free

Last night I went to Plymouth Pavilions to see Derren Brown’s latest live show Infamous, which is currently in its UK tour. I’ve always been interested in mediumship, ever since I was addicted to Most Haunted as a kid. When I started to wise up and realise that it’s not as real as these so-called mediums like to make out, I got very interested in researching evidence that it’s fake. Some of the … Continue reading Derren Brown ‘Infamous’ – Spoiler Free