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Ghostbusters: My Two Pennies Worth

By now you’ve probably seen loads of reviews and opinions about the Ghostbusters remake which came out on Monday and whether you’ve seen it or not you’ll probably have your own views. Ghostbusters has received a huge amount of backlash ever since it was first announced, dubbed the most disliked trailer in Youtube history. Armchair critics were quick to declare how crap the film was the moment … Continue reading Ghostbusters: My Two Pennies Worth

Despicable Me 2

Great family fun and laughs all round is what can be expected from Despicable Me 2, sequel of hit 2010 animated comedy Despicable Me. Gru is recruited by the ‘anti villain league’ to help deal with a powerful criminal. Starring the hilarious Steve Carell as Gru, a strange but highly entertaining villainous mastermind who has retired from his evil misdoings to be a dad to three adopted children, Despicable Me 2 is everything you could … Continue reading Despicable Me 2