The old way is the best way, at least according to 2010 action comedy Red it is. A group of ‘Retired Extremely Dangerous’ (RED) black-ops agents are reassembled in a last ditch attempt to save Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) from being killed by a high-tech assassin.  Frank Moses has no choice but to leave his home when he’s hunted down by an assassin for an unknown reason, … Continue reading Red

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is a black comedy/romance from the director of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) and 50/50. Rather than leech off the success of the Twilight franchise, Warm Bodies parodies such fantasy romance flicks with a cleverly funny script that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Unusual zombie R saves the life of Julie, who is working for her father as part of a group that sets out to destroy zombies and revive life on Earth. When R develops … Continue reading Warm Bodies