Ip Man

The first of several semi-biographical films about Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man), Ip Man stars martial arts legend Donnie Yen as the legendary martial arts master who was the first to teach Wing Chun, and is famous for teaching Bruce Lee. Ip Man is more than just a film about martial arts action, and Ip Man himself is a deep and interesting character. Donnie Yen‘s performance is fantastic and he executes the martial arts choreography … Continue reading Ip Man


Confessions is Japanese drama/thriller that claims to be a psychological thrill ride. When her four year old daughter is murdered by pupils in her class, a grieving school teacher takes it upon herself to do what the legal system will not; punish the murderers. Confessions seems to be confused about which side it wants to take, and gives a multitude of mixed messages about justice. One minute … Continue reading Confessions

The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)

Horror fans will probably cringe at the thought of yet another Japanese ghost story, and ‘The Complex’ is just that. J-horror has become a thing of the past, and Hideo Nakata certainly made his mark within the genre with ‘Dark Water’ and the acclaimed ‘Ring’ franchise. However, his latest film ‘The Complex’ leaves a lot to be desired and if nothing else can be seen as a marker for the end of the J-horror reign… … Continue reading The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)