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Total Performance (Short) 2015

For a short film to be a success, it needs a really catchy, clever little story and Total Performance is the perfect example. “Cori is and actress, but her main gig is something a little bit weirder. She works for a company that employs actors to play opposite real people who want to rehearse a difficult conversation. A breakup, a firing, or even an embarrassing … Continue reading Total Performance (Short) 2015

Valentines Special: The Randomers Review

“Female, 23 years old, seeks male for relationship without speaking.” Can you tell a love story without words? According to Irish writer/director Graham Jones you can. His new romantic feature The Randomers, released freely online in time for Valentines Day, attempts to tell the love story of two strangers brought together by a twenty three year old woman’s slightly bizarre dating ad. A 23 year … Continue reading Valentines Special: The Randomers Review

Wild Girl Waltz

Girls misbehaving has become a popular premise in mainstream comedy, and independent ‘hang-out’ flick Wild Girl Waltz, written and directed by Mark Lewis, follows that trend but presents us with a much more realistic set up. Wild Girl Waltz is a prime example of independent comedy done right. A little gem of a film that deserves to do well. Friends Tara (Samantha Steinmetz) and Angie (Christina Shipp) take some … Continue reading Wild Girl Waltz