Ip Man 2

Wilson Yip continues the story of legendary Wing Chun master Ip Man in the second instalment of the martial arts franchise and Donnie Yen reprises his role as the titular character. Ip Man was the first martial arts master to teach Wing Chun in Hong Kong, and was well known for teaching Hollywood legend Bruce Lee. The second film brings us much closer to the character through his family struggle … Continue reading Ip Man 2

The Legend is Born: Ip Man

Herman Yau takes on the story of Ip Man in this semi-biographical account of the early life of the legendary Wing Chun master. Under the tutelage of three Wing Chun masters (including Leung Bik played by none other than Ip Man‘s real life son Ip Chun) Ip Man resists against invading foreigners and learns a disturbing truth about his adopted brother. The Legend is Born: Ip Man is by many people regarded … Continue reading The Legend is Born: Ip Man

Ip Man

The first of several semi-biographical films about Yip Man (also spelled Ip Man), Ip Man stars martial arts legend Donnie Yen as the legendary martial arts master who was the first to teach Wing Chun, and is famous for teaching Bruce Lee. Ip Man is more than just a film about martial arts action, and Ip Man himself is a deep and interesting character. Donnie Yen‘s performance is fantastic and he executes the martial arts choreography … Continue reading Ip Man

Dragon : Review for CUEAFS

‘Dragon’ is an entertaining and exhilarating old school martial arts thriller that utilises everything expected from the genre while managing to offer a satisfying and contemporary twist on affairs. A detective is investigating a village paper-maker suspected of being a renegade mass murderer, when he eventually learns that humanity is sometimes more important than the law… Read more here Continue reading Dragon : Review for CUEAFS

Udine FEFF Panel with director Herman Yau and screenwriter Erica Li

Director and screenwriter of Ip Man: The Final Fight Herman Yau and Erica Li talked about Ip Man and Hong Kong film in a panel at Udine Far East Film Festival on Wednesday 24th April 2013. Ip Man: The Final Fight is the latest instalment of the popular Ip Man franchise and Herman Yau is a world famous director. He answered questions along with screenwriter of Ip Man: The Final Fight at … Continue reading Udine FEFF Panel with director Herman Yau and screenwriter Erica Li

Vulgaria Review “A good producer is like a great thick bush of pubic hair”

As the name suggests, Vulgaria is a vulgar comedy from Hong Kong starring Chapman To and Kristal Tin. It is a hilarious and crude story of a struggling film producer tasked with remaking a well known erotic film for the leader of a triad gang.         The film within a film idea has been done to death, and Hollywood regularly knocks out films about the making of … Continue reading Vulgaria Review “A good producer is like a great thick bush of pubic hair”