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Sacha Baron Cohen returns once again with British-set comedy Grimsby, in which two estranged brothers who have gone down very different paths in life reunite for the first time in 28 years. Choen plays dimwitted football fan Nobby who lives in Grimsby with his girlfriend (Rebel Wilson) and their abundance of kids. Separated from his younger brother as a child Nobby is on a quest … Continue reading Grimsby

10 Things That Make Horror Films Unrealistic

Aside from the fact that the plot is always over the top, contrived and very unlikely because that’s what entertainment is all about, there are just some things that immediately spoil a horror film’s believability. Maybe they’re just bloopers that get overlooked, maybe it’s just a case of bad judgement on the director’s part but whatever the reason they throw a giant spanner in the … Continue reading 10 Things That Make Horror Films Unrealistic