Day 28: Movie with the Best Soundtrack

Going for a film whose score was composed by Hans Zimmer seems far too obvious; we all know his soundtracks are some of the best, so I’m going to go for something a little less talked about. I’m not a music person, although I can appreciate a good soundtrack when I hear one, and Hanna stands out as the best that I’ve heard in a film because of the … Continue reading Day 28: Movie with the Best Soundtrack

Day 27: Favourite Classic Movie

I’ve had to bend the rules just a touch and go for a modern classic. Generally the term ‘classic’ in film tends to apply to films before the 70’s when Hollywood was first in full swing but shamefully I’ve not seen many of those. Perhaps I should! Anyway my favourite modern classic film would have to be The Shawshank Redemption. I watched this quite recently and fell in … Continue reading Day 27: Favourite Classic Movie

Day 24: Favourite Documentary

I watched Touching the Void for the first time when I was quite young, I don’t even know why I watched it…it just happened to be on TV. I’ve seen it several times since and it always has the same impact. Something about it scared, thrilled and intrigued me. It’s interesting, moving and pretty shocking. The people involved have an incredible story to tell and it’s really … Continue reading Day 24: Favourite Documentary

Day 20: Your Favourite Actress

Jennifer Lawrence has become my favourite actress quite recently, and it’s largely due to her ‘funny moments’ videos on Youtube. She’s a brilliant actress for sure, but she’s my favourite because of how she is in real life. She’s so funny and so normal. She doesn’t care what people think of her, she’s humble and most importantly she’s real, which is something that a lot of … Continue reading Day 20: Your Favourite Actress

Day 10: Your Favourite Director

Because I’m indecisive it’s a toss up between two! Tomas Alfredson Tomas Alfredson is responsible for two of the most stunning films I’ve seen in a while; Let the Right One In and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. While neither of these films are particularly favourites of mine, I was completely mesmerised by the amazing atmosphere that they made; in Let the Right One In you can practically feel the … Continue reading Day 10: Your Favourite Director