There’s something heartwarming about family drama’s like Jimmy. They make you laugh and cry at the same time but are ultimately great feel-good movies. Jimmy (Ian Colletti) is a mentally challenged teenager who regularly interacts with supernatural beings only he can see, whom he calls ‘watchers’. Struggling with his ability to see things others can’t Jimmy lands himself in trouble after overhearing something he shouldn’t and … Continue reading Jimmy

Monsters University

Twelve years after Monsters Inc comes the hilarious prequel that tells the story of how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) met. Mike meets Sulley at Monsters University, where he’s studying for his dream job; to be a scarer. Monsters University is everything you could expect from a Pixar prequel. It’s gorgeously animated and full of bright, fun colours ideal for the whole family. It’s great fun and … Continue reading Monsters University


The creators of Ice Age bring us this striking new animated family adventure that’s like a less pretentious and altogether more enjoyable version of Avatar.  Epic is about a teenage girl who’s father has dedicated his life’s work to a theory that there is a world of tiny people living in the forest. Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried) finds herself transported into the tiny world where she must help … Continue reading Epic

The Croods

Animated family movies seem to be the only genre that can get away with being totally unimaginative and repetitive. The Croods is brilliant family fun in a seen-it-all-before kind of a way. Its bright colours, striking visuals and assortment of fictitious and adorable creatures aren’t enough to hide the fact that we’ve seen this film a million times before; Ice Age is just one recent example. When their cave … Continue reading The Croods

The Adventures of Milo and Otis: My childhood may have just been ruined…

So I was on Youtube this morning getting all nostalgic watching clips from animal adventure film The Adventures of Milo and Otis. It was released back in 1986 and was originally a Japanese film by a different name which I can’t remember! It brings back a lot of memories, it was the one film I watched over and over again when I was a toddler, and … Continue reading The Adventures of Milo and Otis: My childhood may have just been ruined…


Smitty is a heartwarming film about the friendship between a boy and his dog. When thirteen year old Ben is taken to court for criminal damage, his struggling single mother is at the end of her tether. The court decides that he must spend three months on his estranged grandfathers farm and Ben is less than impressed. His grandad teaches him some important life lessons and introduces him to his … Continue reading Smitty

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a 2003 animated adventure-comedy from Pixar, with a fantastic voiceover cast including Ellen Degeneres, Albert Brooks and Brad Garrett. I will admit yesterday was the first time I’d properly watched Finding Nemo. Shameful I know! But with a sequel (Finding Dory) on the horizon for 2015 I thought I’d better give it a watch! When his son is captured by divers, reclusive clownfish Marlin sets out on a dangerous journey to … Continue reading Finding Nemo