The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)

Horror fans will probably cringe at the thought of yet another Japanese ghost story, and ‘The Complex’ is just that. J-horror has become a thing of the past, and Hideo Nakata certainly made his mark within the genre with ‘Dark Water’ and the acclaimed ‘Ring’ franchise. However, his latest film ‘The Complex’ leaves a lot to be desired and if nothing else can be seen as a marker for the end of the J-horror reign… … Continue reading The Complex (Review for CUEAFS)

CUEAFS at Udine Far East Film Fest’

    If you love East Asian cinema, then you may be interested in what CUEAFS will be doing out in Italy from the 18th of April. Udine Far East Film Festival is held annually and celebrates the best of recent East Asian film. If you want to see what films will be screening, have a look here. CUEAFS covers the whole event; interviewing directors, … Continue reading CUEAFS at Udine Far East Film Fest’

10 Days till Udine Far East Film Festival!

It’s just ten days until I’ll be flying off to Italy with seven other members of Coventry East Asian Film Society to go to Udine Far East Film Festival. Everything’s organised as far as I’m aware; the plane tickets are booked, the accommodation has been confirmed and we’ve all paid for our accreditation, just €30 for a press pass t0 get us into all the screenings. … Continue reading 10 Days till Udine Far East Film Festival!